Diary 1: First Activity

I get up in the morning, at 4.30. My friend get me up because in 5 o’clock, there was a Morning Club. First Morning Club in my camp. We were told about the rules in camp after we introduced ourself each other. I was surprised with the punishment in camp. So, I decided to follow the rules because I don’t want to get punishment. Morning Club was end. I took a bath, and ready to went to class.

Before class, I made conclusion that in our first day, we only introduce ourself. My first class was pronoun half at 7 o’clock in Mr. Bob 4. The mentor was interesting. The gimbal one, Mr. Paijo. We played game, game of counting. If we made mistake, we should introduced ourself first. I got the last turn, not very last, 4 person behind. And then, the class was end.

The same thing happened in may next class. After pronoun half, I took tic talk at 8.30 in Mr. Bob 1. I met someone who same major with me, mathematic. He studied at UGM. Oh ya, we got a flat mentor, his name is Mr. Gozali, we called him uncle Gozi. Still same, we only introduced ourself. It was very useful for me. Because I can’t memorized their name well. In the different program, we met different friend. And the class was end.

Next class was speak up 1 at 12.30 in Mr. Bob 1. I came late. When I arrived, the class almost full. The mentor was so cute, wear glasses. Her name was Rara, we called her Miss Rara. Her english was very expert. She talked very much. Once again, same with before, we introduced ourself to others.

The last class, I took zip-zip 1 in camp 8 at 14.00. I rode my bicycle to camp 8. When I came in the class, I recognized the mentor. Mr. Joko was the man who drove me to camp 10. He was easy going person. His english was so good, nice to listen, and interactive. He told about his life and we asked him any question about his life. After that, we introduced ourself like before. In the end of class, before we went to camp, Mr. Joko gave us two secret about how to speak english faster. We were told by someone in podcast. The two secret was STOP studying grammar and STOP reading, START listening.

Then, I returned to camp, bought food, and joined Diary Club, and wrote this diary.

So, that’s the story run, for first day.


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