Diary 2: That Reason

One day, I’ll become an Actuary. This is one of the high professions in the world. I’ll work in multinational/international company such as AIG, AIA, Manulife, or Prudential. Amiin. So, I’ll need a language that can connect me to the company. That language is english, the international language. But, oh my god, I’m very bad in english. Not really bad, only bad in speaking. My pronunciation so indonesian. I only can do english in writing.

Just because Actuary depends on english, it doesn’t mean I can’t be an Actuary. So, I decide to learn ‘how I can do english well’. I remember I have two friends that really expert in english. I want to study to them. But, they seem busy. Maybe busy for their study or else. And I remember again, one of my friends in college talk about Pare, the english village. She told me she want to went there in this holiday, just for two weeks. My conversation with her gives me idea. I want to go to Pare, too. Yes, I’ve decided. To improve my english, to increase my speaking skills, and to fix my accent. That’s my goal. I’ll go to Pare in this holiday for two weeks, too, just like my friend. I choose Pare because Pare is the best place to learn english. Really recommended place to go.

One night, in holiday, I asked my mother. Eh, no… My mother asked me. After I told her my advance english score, she asked me “can you speak english well, son?”
“Oh mom, I’m bad in speaking” I said.
“So, take course. Take the english course” my mother offered me to take course.
Of course I’ve ever taken course before. But, that didn’t work. And I offered a better idea.
“No, mom, I have a better idea.”
“What is it?” asked my mom.
“I want to go to Pare, english village, to learn english.” answered me.
My mother directly agree. “Oke, good. When do you want to go?”
“This holiday, mom. In 25th February. Just two weeks.” I said.

And that’s the story run. My goal and why I come to learn english in Pare.


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