Diary 3: Half of Life

I always said to my friends that my laptop, I called lappy, is my half of life. It means a half of my life’s lying inside lappy. Sounds weird, huh? And why I said that lappy is my half of life? If you want to know, it starts from my habit.

Usually, I waste my time in front of lappy. Surfing the internet, designing, or watching movie or anime. We always spend time together. Like a couple. I hope lappy is a girl. But, in fact, lappy is a BOY -_- Oh man, I was doing homo all the time with it.

Almost I bring lappy to college. Just for using wifi for surf the internet. Not just to college, I bring it to my friend’s house if I go there. I do it everyday. Untill one day, in a hot day, my friend asked me.
“Your bag is so heavy.” He said. “What do you bring?”
“Oh, I bring books and laptop. Just it.”
“Oh man, why you always bring laptop? For what?” Asked him kepoly.
I started to think ‘what’s the good answer for answering that question?’ I got an idea. I said to him.
“You know, my laptop is half of my life.” Answered me. My friend looks confused.
“So, if it’s gone, my half of life is gone, too.” I said that with proud. Actually, it’s really disgusting to hear. But, it’s oke.

So, since that, I always use that reason if anyone ask me the same question. That’s my habit in Bekasi and Bogor. Now, in Pare, I seldom do it. I mean, play laptop to waste my time. I more often to waste my time to read story book. Because, I realize, my time just two weeks here. To improve my english. I want to focus in english as long I’m here.

And that’s the story run.


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