Diary 4: Mr. Bob or Mr. Boobs?

Sahar asked my friends in LINE group.
“Hey, do you know about english village. Pare?” Asked her.
Almost all of my friends didn’t know about it. And Sahar didn’t appear anymore in group.

I was surfing the internet at that time. I opened LINE in my laptop. I saw Sahar message in group. Honestly, same like the others, I didn’t know anything about Pare. I opened KASKUS. As always, I must be opened KASKUS if I was surfing the internet. To read some interesting threads. I saw the hot threads today. And I read one of the threads told about “My experience in Pare, english village”. Suddenly, I was curious about Pare. Before, I wasn’t interested at all. But I thought it’s because Sahar talked about learn in Pare few minutes ago. I opened the thread and read. The thread told about the boy who went to Pare alone, without any experience and any knowledge. He just went to Pare with brave modal. When he arrived, he confused. He thought Pare just have one place to learn english. But, he was totally wrong. There’s so many courses in here. However, he didn’t lose his mind. He asked to people about what’s the best courses in Pare which taught speaking. Many people recommended him to took Daffodils. Then, he went to Daffodils office. But, unfortunately, the class was full. And he remembered, there’s person told him about Mr. Bob course. So, he went and tried to took program in Mr. Bob. Previously, I was curious about that course name. Mr. Bob. Who is Mr. Bob? Or it’s Mr. Boobs? I started to feel the imagination full my mind. I thought Mr. Bob was like the dady, I don’t know, maybe the owner, who has boobs in his chest, become his trade mark, and named the course with his trade mark. Maybe I imagine too far. It’s okay.

Back to the story, the boy really likes to learn in Mr. Bob. The tutor was so crazy he said, interactive, and expressive. And he said, the girls who took the program in Mr. Bob was beautiful. So, not just learnt english, he got a girlfriend too. What a lucky guy! After that, he told that his english skills increase well.

I’ve finished reading the thread. And I told Sahar what I knew from the boy experience. I suggested her to took Daffodils or Mr. Bob. And as I know, she took Mr. Bob program. And because Sahar took Mr. Bob program, so do i.

The conclusion is I knew Mr. Bob from KASKUS.

So, that’s the story run.


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